How is Your Real Inbox Placement?

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The #1 Free Email Spam Test

Checking your inbox placement is free, easy, and only takes three steps. This is a reliable spam test since it sends your email to a list of inboxes with the most popular ESP addresses. See where your emails end up and how spammy you are with our email spam test.

Every Time, a Fresh List!

For each email spam test, a new set of inboxes is added to the list. Our email spam test outperforms all other existing tests due to the large pool of 20,000 inboxes we use.

Calculate Your Spam Score

We calculate your spam score based on the frequency of inbox and spam emails. This will provide you insight into how to enhance your delivery on each individual ESP, like as Gmail and Yahoo. You can always contact our deliverability specialists to optimize your inbox placement.

Real Spam Score

Get an accurate, non-biased spam score.

Major ESP placement

See where your emails land for any provider.

Valuable Guidelines

Our  test provides valuable inbox placement tips.

Enjoy improved email outcomes

Higher open rates boost click, respond, and lead rates.

Discussions about our Email Spam Test

How do I do an email spam test on

It consists of three easy steps:

#1: Begin by pasting the code we gave somewhere in the body of your email. Our email spam test will be able to find your email this way.

#2: We've included a list of the inboxes visible in the box. Make a copy of the list and send your email to it. (In most email marketing providers, the contacts can be separated by ",")
Send the exact content and campaign you want to send to your own list to get a good idea of what will happen.

#3 To view your results, click the button. This covers your email's position on the most popular ESPs as well as your spam score.